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Graduate Program

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in Mathematics at UT Arlington! We look forward to your application.

The Department of Mathematics offers Doctoral degree programs in Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Data Science, Mathematical Biology, Mathematics Education, and Probability) and in Statistics. There are two different routes to obtain the Ph.D. degree: one is to obtain the M.S. degree first and then enter Ph.D. program, while the other is to enter the Ph.D. program directly with a B.S. degree (i.e., the so-called B.S.-Ph.D. track). The doctoral program prepares students as researchers to enter a wide range of professional roles including academia, industry, and business.

The Master of Science in Mathematics degree option provides opportunities to prepare students for more advanced study in mathematics and offers specializations in the areas listed above. The Master of Arts in Mathematics degree option provides a unique learning experience for those who are interested in strengthening their understanding of mathematics and enriching their understanding of mathematics teaching and learning. In addition, the Certificate of Applied Statistics Program offers those with an undergraduate degree an opportunity to receive graduate instruction in applied statistics.

How to Apply

Application to our graduate programs in Mathematics must be completed through the UTA Admissions Office. In addition, please submit three letters of recommendation directly to the Department of Mathematics via the upload page. If for some reason the upload page is not working please feel free to email or send by mail:

Department of Mathematics
Graduate Program
The University of Texas at Arlington
P.O. Box 19408
Arlington, TX 76019-0408


For the convenience of the recommenders, you may furnish them with the following UTA Recommendation Form.

Application Deadlines

  • UT Arlington Deadlines: The Graduate General Application Deadlines are posted at: UTA Application Deadlines web-site.
  • GTA Support Deadlines: In order to receive full consideration for Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) support starting in Fall, applicants need to complete their admission application by February 1 of that year. Admission application also serves as GTA application, which will continue to be reviewed until all positions are filled.

    The Math Graduate Affairs committee carefully evaluates and ranks all complete doctoral applications and then makes the recommendations for funding based on available resources. Preference for financial support is given only to Ph.D.-bound graduate students admitted unconditionally into one of our doctoral programs. Due to the limited financial resources, not all unconditionally admitted graduate students are offered support. The number of newly supported graduate students depends on the available financial resources at that time, which is based on how many supported students have graduated, the new external grants that the department secures, and other factors.

Application Status

To check the status of your application please visit the UT Arlington: Apply website or contact the UTA Admissions Office.

*Note that admission decisions cannot be made unless the UTA Admissions Office has received all the required application documents and has determined that your application is complete and ready for an evaluation! Once an admission decision is made on your application, then you will be immediately notified by the UTA Admissions Office.

To request information about our graduate program, call or send an email to the Mathematics Graduate Program Advisors.