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Policies and Procedures


MyMav Will Drop Students from Courses Where Prerequisites Are Not Met

Students who do not successfully complete the prerequisite in the current term will be dropped from the next-level course when grades are final.

I’ve been dropped from a course….what do I do now?

The most common reasons a course is dropped by UT Arlington are:

  1. you did not successfully complete a prerequisite, or
  2. you were dropped for non-payment.  If you are dropped for non-payment, all of your classes will be dropped, so this can serve as a clue. 

In either case, you will receive an email to your MavMail email account letting you know what course has been dropped and why.  If you were dropped because you did not successfully complete the prerequisite, you will receive a separate email for every course that is dropped.

You will get this error message if you attempt to re-enroll and did not meet the prerequisite. 

Prerequisite information is on the Class Detail page in MyMav ( Navigation to the page is by clicking on the class section number hyperlink in the Class Search component.

If you are required to be enrolled in a minimum number of semester credit hours, please make plans to enroll in courses for which you meet the prerequisites.  You can update your enrollment in your Student Center in MyMav ( If you have any questions regarding which classes you should register for, contact your academic advisor immediately.  To determine who your academic advisor is, log on to

I get Financial Aid…what happens to that?

You must register for at least six hours to insure your award is made.  If you have been dropped from course(s) because of prerequisites, consult your academic advisor and the Office of Financial Aid at 817.272.3561, or