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Policies and Procedures

Wait List

Wait list is a new feature that is available on some classes in MyMav. If a class is full, but has a wait list, you can add yourself to the wait list and as seats open up, students on the wait list will be automatically enrolled. When you add yourself to the wait list, you are given a position number. Students are enrolled in open seats based on their position number, the lower the number, the higher your priority.

UT Arlington is using wait list for each enrollment period for all regular, non-accelerated online undergraduate and graduate classes. On the Class Search, uncheck "Show Open Classes Only" to see closed classes. See frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding wait list below.

How the Wait List Works

For questions regarding registration go to Add Drop and Withdrawal Procedures.

Wait List Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do all classes have a wait list?

If a wait list is available, an orange triangle icon will appear next to the section in the Class Schedule. Not all classes or departments offer wait lists, so if a class is full and no wait list is available re-visit MyMav regularly for possible openings or contact your academic advisor.

What is the advantage of enrolling to a wait list?

The wait list enables students to be auto-enrolled in closed classes as seats become available, without having to re-visit MyMav.

If I have Financial Aid, how will adding a class to my schedule from the wait list impact my award?

Because most financial aid is disbursed approximately ten days before the term begins, it is important to consider the timing of your added wait list course and the timing of your financial aid disbursement, as well as any additional tuition charges associated with your added course. If your aid has entirely disbursed at the time you add an additional course, and the added course will result in additional tuition charges, it is possible that you will be responsible for the additional tuition charges. We recommend that you contact the Financial Aid Office or go to Financial Aid if you are concerned about the effect that your added course will have on your financial aid.

If I am already enrolled in an installment payment plan, how might enrolling in an additional class via the wait list impact my payment plan?

If your tuition, fees, and charges increase for any reason once your installment payment plan is activated, including schedule adjustments or residency status changes, the new higher total will be divided between the remaining installments.

What happens if I am added to a class from a wait list after the tuition payment due date?

Please note that you are required to pay your tuition and fee charges immediately if the tuition due date has passed. You can view your account balance by logging into MyMav to your Student Center.

How many classes can I wait list for?

Undergraduate students are limited to a maximum of six semester credit hours (SCH) per term and graduate students are limited to a maximum of three SCH. You may add yourself to wait lists, but you will not be enrolled beyond the maximum number of classes allowed for that term or session.

Can I wait list in more than one section of the same class?

Yes, you can wait list for multiple sections of the same class. Once you have been enrolled in one section of a class, you will be removed from the wait lists for all other sections of that class. If you are already enrolled in one section of a class, you may wait list for additional sections, but you will not be enrolled from the wait list until you drop the section that you are enrolled in.

How will I know when I am enrolled in a class that I was on the wait list?

Students will be notified through their UTA email address when enrolled from the wait list. Students can also check their schedule in MyMav Student Center and see the wait listed class now show enrolled and the wait list icon is removed.

Do students remain on the wait list after they have enrolled in the class?

No, the student’s name is removed from the wait list.

Are the wait listed units counted into the student’s total units for the term?

Enrolled units and wait listed units are counted separately. Waitlisted courses are not counted towards full-time status or calculated in bills.

How does wait list work for classes with a reserved capacity?

If the non-reserve capacity enrollment limit has been reached, the student can wait list for the class. The student will first receive the error message that only reserved seats remain and will be offered the option to wait list if a wait list capacity is set for the class.

How often does the system check for open seats in wait listed classes?

When a student drops a closed class with a wait list, the class will remain closed until the students on the wait list have been enrolled or skipped (if class requirements are not met). Auto-enrollment operates nightly during the initial enrollment period until a week prior to late registration, at which time it will run every hour thereafter until the end of late registration. Once the wait list has processed all students on the wait list, the class will move to open status if there are any remaining open seats.

I was in position number 1 on a wait list, why wasn’t I enrolled when a seat opened?

The requirements to be moved off of a wait list are the same as standard enrollment:

  • You will not be enrolled from the wait list if you are already enrolled in another section of the same class.
  • You will not be enrolled in a class if it conflicts in meeting times with another class in which you are enrolled.
  • You will not be enrolled in more semester credit hours than permitted in that term.
  • You will not be enrolled if you have not met the prerequisites for that class. This is true even if an advisor used a requisite override to put you on the wait list.
  • You will not be enrolled if you have any registration holds, i.e. Financial Hold, Library Fines, etc.

I was on the wait list for a class prior to grades posted for the previous term, but now I am no longer on the wait list.

If you do not meet the prerequisite for a class that is scheduled for the next term after grades are posted for the current term, you will be dropped from the wait listed class.

Can I swap from a wait listed class into an open class?

No, the "swap" enrollment action cannot be used to move a student from a wait listed class to enroll in another open class. Swap can only be used when a student has truly enrolled in a class.

Wait list runs until the end of late registration. No students will be enrolled in any class from the wait list process after the end of late registration. The wait list will be purged for the current term shortly after census day.

Can I take myself off of a wait list?

Yes, you may remove yourself from a wait list by following the same process as for a standard drop.

What is the first day I can get on a wait list?

Wait lists are only available once the class has reached its enrollment capacity. For high-demand classes, this may be the first day of registration or for other classes as late as the last week.

What is the last day a student can wait list?

Students can add themselves to wait lists until the last day of the add/drop period of the session.

Will anything prevent me from getting on a wait list?

The requirements to be added to a wait list are the same as standard enrollment:

  • You must have an enrollment appointment if we are not in the open enrollment period.
  • You must have met the requisites for the class.
  • The wait list must be available for that class.
  • Student must be on the permission list for classes requiring a permission list.
  • The last day to wait list has passed.
  • Already on the wail list for the class section.
  • Class is not closed.
  • Student failed to check the “Wait list if class is full” checkbox on the “Select classes to add - Enrollment Preferences”.
  • Wait list capacity is reached.
  • You will not be able to wait list if you have any registration holds.

What do you mean by requisites for the class?

Classes that require students have a particular academic level, a particular major or minor plan, a particular sub-plan, including or excluding specific classes, or a certain number of units (credits) are examples of requisites.

If an enrolled student drops a full class and a seat opens, do wait listed students get in first?

Yes, the class will remain closed for standard registration until the wait list has added or skipped all students on the wait list. If open seats remain, the class will then open for standard registration.

Once I am on the wait list, how do I get into the class?

If seats become available and you meet all of the requirements, you will be added automatically to open seats based on your wait list position number. If you are successfully enrolled from the wait list, your class schedule will be updated to show that you are enrolled in the class.

Can I wait list for a class that conflicts in meeting times with a class that I’m already enrolled in?

Yes, you can wait list for time conflicted classes, but you will not be moved off of the wait list until the time conflict has been resolved.

Do students remain on the wait list after they have enrolled in the class?

No, the student will be removed from the wait list for all sections of the class once they are successfully enrolled in one.

Where can I find my wait list position number?

In your class schedule, there is a checkbox to show wait listed classes – if you check this box, you will see all classes that you are wait listed for, and your position number.

Can a student see who else is on the wait list for a class?

No, students may only see their own position number.

What if I decide that I no longer want to take a class that I have wait listed?

It is your responsibility to remove yourself from the wait list. If you have been enrolled from the wait list and do not wish to take the class, it is your responsibility to drop the class before the first class date of the session to drop with 100% refund, or you may still be accountable for the class.

Will having a hold on my account impact my ability to use the Wait list function?

Yes. Any type of hold that impacts registration will prohibit a student’s ability to use the wait list function. You should consult your MyMav Student Center for more information on resolving the holds on your account.

How do departments and instructors know who is on the Wait List?

Class section wait lists are available through administrative class rosters in MyMav.