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Meet the Morralls

The Morralls and their son and daughter walking through campus together.

Cortez & Debra Morrall - Killeen, Texas

UTA Students: Rhema - Social Work Graduate Student and Samuel - Organizational Communications Sophomore

Imagine visiting a college two-and one-half hours away, that you never knew existed, based on the whim of your high school senior! This describes our first contact with UTA and since that day, we’ve never looked back. As freshman parents, we wanted to support our student while at the same time maintaining a respectable distance. The New Maverick Orientation Phase and The Maverick Parent & Family Association helped us to find the appropriate balance. During orientation, the various speakers were not timid about addressing the “tough” issues that can sometimes accompany newly found independence. These candid discussions introduced parents to the numerous support systems and resources available to ensure both the safety and success of all students. From orientation to present, we’ve been all in and are regular attendees of “The Move-In-Day Cookout,” “Parent & Family Weekend,” and “Spring Family Day.” Junior Year, HERE WE COME!!!

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