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Meet the Rhodes

The four children of the Rhodes family chilling on an outdoor bench.

William and Tracy Rhodes – Southlake, Texas

UTA Students: Sarah - Public Health Senior, Landry - Political Science Sophomore, Lindsey - Accounting Sophomore, Lainey - Advertising Sophomore and Liam - Broadcast Communications Freshman

We have five (yes, five!) children attending UTA. My husband is a UTA grad and was thrilled when the kids chose to attend his Alma mater. Our four youngest had attended choir camp at UTA every summer during high school and felt instantly at home on the campus. The orientations were informative and fun, and Maventure Camp was a blast for them. UTA makes it easy for students to get involved with activities on campus and feel like part of a community, and ours are VERY involved! I’m glad our kids chose UTA, but more importantly, they are happy they chose UTA!

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