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History - MASTER'S (MA)

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The Master of Arts in history is specifically designed to meet the needs of students from a variety of backgrounds and with many different career goals. The department offers graduate courses that cover a wide variety of topics and geographic areas, with a particular focus on the United States, Europe, and Latin America, as well as borderlands, transatlantic, and transnational history.


The history Master of Arts prepares our graduates to work in public history, as history instructors, or in any career requiring well-developed skills in research, critical thinking, and writing. Along with traditional colloquia and seminars focusing on a variety of geographic and chronological topics that develop our students' ability to research and write, we offer certificates in professional areas such as archival administration and public history. Those interested will also find skill-developing workshops and coursework on community college teaching, digital humanities, and GIS. For students who take a full course load (nine hours per term), the program can be completed in two years. However, many of our MA students are working professionals and enroll on a part-time basis. We offer most courses at night and permit a wide latitude in time-to-degree. Applicants should have either a BA in history, 18 hours in upper-division undergraduate history courses, or preparation in related subjects.



  • History instructor at secondary and community college level
  • Museum professonal
  • Archival administration specialist
  • Jobs requiring research, content creation, and writing
  • Work in government and nonprofit sectors



  • Thirty hours of coursework including a minimum of six hours devoted to the composition of an original work of historical research and writing under the guidance of a history faculty member.
  • Well-suited for students interested in the historian's craft and may benefit those considering future studies at the doctoral level.

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History - General Non-Thesis

  • Thirty-six hours of courses, including more electives and requiring a portfolio rather than an independent thesis project.
  • Well-suited to educators and other professionals who wish to enhance their careers by demonstrating advanced mastery of historical content and methodologies.

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Learn more about Archival Administration OR Public History Non-thesis tracks

  • Designed specifically for students interested in pursuing careers as archivists
  • Thirty-six (36) hour option includes a six-hour internship (in either archives or other public history venue), expanded elective classes, and a final portfolio project.

History MA Program Options

Archival Administration Certificate

Those who have alreaded earned either an MA in history or a Master of Library Science may complete 12 hours—Archives I, Archives II, and a six-hour internship in archival administration—to earn an Archival Administration Certificate. Because this certificate is attached to a graduate degree, it cannot be earned by those with only a BA.

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  • Cutting-edge scholars in transatlantic and transnational history
  • History of cartography and access to the world-famous Garrett Map Collection
  • Geographic Information Systems instruction, with emphasis on geographic humanities
  • Only archival administration certificate program in the Metroplex
  • Small classes and individual attention


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History - MASTER'S (MA)

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