Women’s History Month - Cass Roberts Powell

Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023 • UTA College of Business : Contact

The UTA College of Business celebrates Women’s History Month by recognizing the success and accomplishments of our alumni. Cass Roberts Powell earned a Master of Business Administration and is the President of Ricochet Fuel Distributors. Presented below are her contributions, accolades, professional goals, and achievements.

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Cass headshot

What was your favorite memory of the College of Business? 
I loved working with Melanie McGee and my co-workers in the MBA admissions department. 

How did the College of Business help prepare you for your career? 
Melanie McGee was a great example of a hardworking female – I looked up to her a lot and still do. The courses were involved, thought-provoking, and applied to “the real world”. 

Since graduating, what have been some of your accomplishments? 
I started my career the year I graduated with my MBA and have stayed with the same company since then – I started in marketing, then I built the operations department from 1 to 10 people, and now I am the President of a growing fuel company with a husband and two sons at home. 

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Cass standing next to a Ricochet fuel tank

What has been a challenge in your career? 
At first, a challenge was getting people to take me seriously as a young female professional. Now, my challenges are culture and working on this business rather than in the business. 

Do you take part in any new initiatives, community service, or projects that make you proud?
Ricochet Fuel has its core organizations we donate to annually, and we do a company volunteer day for 6stones. 

Is there a particular person in your life that inspired you to be who you are? Who are they and how did they inspire you, personally or professionally? 
I would have to say my mom, Kelly Roberts, she also graduated from UTA. She started Ricochet Fuel the year before I was born, so my whole life I envisioned us working together before I eventually take the reigns and let her happily retire. 

What goals are you working towards? 
I want my employees to feel secure in their careers, I want our company to continue to grow in a healthy manner, and I want my children to see me as an inspiration. I want my mom to feel comfortable and confident retiring and leaving Ricochet in my hands. 

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Cass with her sons

What advice would you give to female professionals getting started in their careers? 
Put yourself out there. Do the work, make as many connections as you can, utilize your mentors, identify your weaknesses as early as possible, and figure out how to play against them.

Three fun facts about you: 

  1. I studied abroad twice. 
  2. I completed a marathon in 2016. 
  3. I love to read murder novels and listen to business books.