CAPPA Students Design the Revitalization of a Fort Worth Lakefront

Tuesday, Nov 09, 2021

David Hopman, associate professor in landscape architecture and landscape Arch students, assisted in creating a master plan for a proposed Lakefront Park in southeast Fort Worth that includes a marina, amphitheater, yacht club, and educational facilities. The Living Waters is a local nonprofit seeking development idea to revitalize the lakefront destination, the area's historically underserved community. The lakefront property resides on the Fort Worth side of Lake Arlington, which has been all but forgotten. The lack of activity relates to access problems and a history of neglect in the primarily African American, economically disadvantaged section of the city.   

The proposed design of Living Waters will provide the much-needed revitalization of the area and create a valuable destination without gentrifying the neighborhood to the point that existing residents will have to move on to less expensive districts. The nine-acre property will blend opportunities found in both the city and the natural environment. The proximity of Interstate 820, local bus routes, and the lake bolsters the location's ability to accommodate all community members. The proposed design includes an events pavilion with a great lawn, a waterfront amphitheater with a boardwalk, a discovery play area for children, and a lodge complemented with lustrous gardens. Development avoided the flood plain and the precious oak forest to preserve the natural landscape. In addition, the use of native plant materials, curvilinear pathways, and a carefully controlled view of the environment evoke the landscape's spirit to link with the community. Large-scale, intimate spaces provide contrast and opportunities for a wide variety of public or private events, such as outdoor concerts, family reunions, and weddings. 

The new educational entertainment attraction will become a safe, valuable space for both the community and the individual of all ages or phases of life, all while encouraging needed development for the future. The Living Waters project is estimated to cost $8 million with the help of several partnerships, including companies, local governments, and environmentalists, to develop the park. Leaders continue to receive and secure grant funding.  

NBC 5 News reported on this project.