Students Attend Language Arts Conference in Round Rock, TX

Friday, Feb 02, 2024

Current English majors Abigail Benavidez, Kathy Hunter, Kaitlynn Sanger, Camille Smith, and Rebekah Sommers and Mid-level Education major Sheila Mwangi received grants to attend the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts (TCTELA) conference in Round Rock, TX, January 25-28. Students served as support staff, attended conference sessions, and networked with ELA educators and administrators from across the state. The conference, whose theme was "Forging the Future of Literacy," was attended by nearly 700 ELA educators. The students who attended are pictured here with Professor Jim Warren, Pre-Service Teacher Committee Chair for TCTELA (bottom row, from left: Benavidez, Mwangi, Sanger; top row, from left: Warren, Hunter, Smith, Sommers).

Students present at TCTELA conference in Round Rock, Texas