Bachelor of Arts - Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Arts - Theatre Arts


The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts is designed to provide students with a well-rounded experience in theatre through a curriculum core that includes acting, directing, technical theatre, dramatic literature, and theatre history. Students gain practical experience through courses in performance, design and technology, and history. Electives can include courses in any practical or core area, allowing students the opportunity to focus on one or multiple subject matters. Graduates of the program are prepared for a lifetime of appreciation, participation, and further study in the theatre arts.

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Performance & Production Opportunities

Over four years, students will have the opportunity to participate in realized work in a wide variety of production styles within UTA’s Department of Theatre Arts. The department’s Maverick Theatre Company provides our students with experiences including, but not limited to, classic and modern plays, musicals, operas, workshops, dance concerts, improvisation comedy, and new works. Production experiences include performance, design & technical production, stage management, research, dramaturgry, box office and public relations.

Program Audition

Acceptance into the Bachelor of Arts Theatre program is contingent upon acceptance to the university. No audition is required.

Department Faculty & Staff

Dr. Julienne A. Greer, PhD in Humanities Aesthetic Studies, MA in Media Arts

Assistant Department Chair

Emotional Robotics Living Lab Director & BA Area Head


Dr. Julienne Aleta Greer, AEA


Phone #: (817) 272-0729

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268B

Additional Info:: Dr. Julienne A. Greer is an Assistant Professor of Theatre; Social Robotics and Performance. She earned a BFA in Drama from NYU, an MA in Media Arts from TCU, and her Ph.D. in Humanities at UTD. Dr. Greer is an interdisciplinary scholar + artist working at the emerging intersection of theatre and social robotics. Her primary focus is examining Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) to “humanize” social robots to the nuances of human behavior and develop better human-robot relational outcomes. Dr. Greer works with interdisciplinary teams including Social Work, Education, Computer Science, and Engineering. Current work includes; Shakespeare and Robots: robots acting Shakespeare with older adults for psychological well-being, Caretaker Respite: building trust and connection between humans and robots so caretaker burden can be lessened, and Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities: a National Science Foundation external grant working with undergraduate students to examine how technology can augment the capabilities of people with disabilities.

Dr. Dennis Maher, PhD in U.S. Theatre History (U.S. Film), MA in Theatre Arts, BA in Speech/Theatre/English (History of Education)

Associate Professor


Dennis Maher


Phone #: (817) 272-5708

Office: Fine Arts Building North 151

Dr. Natalie Gaupp, PhD in Humanities Aesthetic Studies, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, BFA in Theatre Arts, AA in Drama

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Natalie Gaupp


Phone #: (817) 272-9503

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268

Laurel Whitsett, PhD in Linguistics (in progress), MA in Linguistics, MA in Drama Text & Performance Studies, BA in Theatre Arts

Distinguished Senior Lecturer

Maverick Improv Troupe Co-Director

Laurel Whitsett Profile Photo

Seraphina Nova Glass, MFA in Playwriting, MFA in Directing

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Seraphina Nova Glass


Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268A

Gregory Dean McBride, Doctoral Candidate in Arts Education, MFA in Theatre Arts Administration, BA in Theatre Arts

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Theatre Arts Teaching Lab (TATL) - Director

Gregory Dean McBride