Performance Opportunities

Theatre Arts & Dance at University of Texas at Arlington has unique performance opportunities available to students.

Maverick Theatre Company

The Maverick Theatre Company is the production company of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance at the University of Texas at Arlington, providing a showcase for the creative research of the academic program. A resident company of professional artists and students present a wide variety of plays and musicals from past and current theatrical literature with a special focus on new play development. Every student, upon admission to a theatre degree program in the department, becomes a Maverick Theatre Company member. These activities directly support the academic objectives of the department.

Maverick Dance Company

The Maverick Dance Company is the resident dance company of the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance, producing performances featuring the University of Texas at Arlington dance students, faculty, and guest artists. Directors, choreographers, and performers of Maverick Dance Company emphasize creative research to develop original, progressive dance works for the concert stage. Every student enrolled in a Dance Performance course becomes a Maverick Dance Company member. Each performance activity expands upon a variety of theories and practices studied within the dance curriculum. Students must be enrolled in a dance performance course to be considered for casting.

Theatre Arts Teaching Lab

The Theatre Arts Teaching Lab welcomes UTA theatre students who are interested in hands-on experience in educational theatre teaching and production. The Theatre Arts Teaching Lab (TATL), located in Fine Arts North room 143, is an experiential training ground for future theatre teachers. Through immersion and training in creative and collaborative educational theatre-making processes, TATL students are encouraged to experiment, collaborate, and adventure as they lead the production of laboratory performances each semester. The guiding principle of the Theatre Arts Teaching Lab is that challenges are opportunities for individual and collective problem solving in the development of successful theatre students, teachers, and artists. From...


Full of zany moments and steeped-in-fun, MavImprov has a style that’s always outrageous and never stale. Directed by faculty Laurel Whitsett and Joe Chapa, MavImprov is an improv troupe that features students from UTA, performing with original sketches, long and short -form improvisation and audience participation. Auditions for the troupe will take place during the fall semester and consist of Improv games and interviews.