A tabletop interactive companion robot.
nao and dr

About NAO

NAO is an interactive companion robot currently being used to speak Shakespeare to older adults for psychological well-being! NAO was released in 2006 and is continually evolving. Currently UTA owns the 5th version, and about 10,000 NAO have already been sold throughout the world. Small and with pleasantly rounded features, NAO is the first humanoid robot designed by SoftBank Robotics. A tremendous programming tool, he is currently a reference in the sectors of education and research.

NAO Next Gen : the new robot of Aldebaran Robotics (now SoftBank Robotics Europe)

Next Gen: Aldebaran Robotics launches a new generation of its humanoid robot 2012 Aldebaran Robotics, the world leader in humanoid robotics, has released its latest version of the NAO robot — NAO Next Gen.

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For more information about NAO, please visit SoftBank Robotics’ website.

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