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October News

10.20.2023 Fort Worth Star Telegram - What’s Lou Diamond Phillips doing at UT Arlington this week? Here’s what we know

Star Telegram Article

10.17.2023 Fort Worth Magazine - Actor Lou Diamond Phillips Teaches Weeklong Residency at UTA

Fort Worth Magazine Article

10.17.2023 NBC 5 - Texas actor returns to alma mater to share knowledge

NBC 5 Link

10.19.2023 WFAA - Actor Lou Diamond Phillips returns to UTA alma mater to teach acting class


10.18.2023 FOX 4 - Hollywood Actor Lou Diamond Phillips has returned to UT Arlington for a temporary residency

Fox 4 Link

10.18.2023 ABC Victoria - Lou Diamond Phillips to teach a Masterclass

ABC Link

10.17.2023 100.3 Jack FM - Lou Diamond Phillips returns to UT-Arlington for a week-long teaching residency at his alma mater

100.3 Jack FM Link

10.13.2023 The Dallas Morning News - Lou Diamond Phillips returning to UT-Arlington for weeklong residency

The Dallas Morning News Link

04.19.2023 The Shorthorn - Theatre Arts Teaching Lab sets the stage for student-led shows

The Shorthorn Link

03.22.2023 The Shorthorn - Actor-turned-cameraman shines again in UTA's short film competition

The Shorthorn Link

10.05.2022 The Shorthorn - UTA presents rendition of cult classic Night of the Living Dead

The Shorthorn Link