Theatre Arts & Dance has an advisor dedicated to our students academic advising needs.

Advising Overview

Our advisor is here to help you at all stages of your academic journey. Scheduling an appointment can help current students update their degree plan, assess their academic standing, and plan their educational and career goals. Students should ensure prior to their appointments that they have submitted all transcripts for review. Theatre Arts & Dance students are required to schedule an appointment to receive clearance into their courses each semester. Prospective students with less than 30 college credit hours will need to contact the Division of Student Success. All students, regardless of credits, must be a UTA student with a student ID number to join the department.

New Students

All persons must apply and be fully admitted to UTA to take any theatre or dance courses, including Practicum.

Prospective Freshmen

All students with less than 30 college credit hours interested in Theatre Arts & Dance must first contact University Advising.

Current Students

UTA Students with more than 30 hours should email us with their student ID and phone number, to schedule an appointment.

Transfer Students

Transfer Students with more than 30 credit hours may provide their ID number to our advisor to discuss a degree plan.

Course Catalog

The university catalog is available to view specific course information. The University Catalog is a general information publication only- specific situational and departmental information may vary per student. Many departments and programs issue program manuals, procedures and policy manuals, student handbooks and other informational publications for students and faculty in its programs. Catalog changes become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine and will apply to both prospective students and those already enrolled.