If you are interested in Theatre or Dance, whether or not you are formally declared as a Theatre or Dance student, you are encouraged to contact the Department of Theatre Arts advisor, Linette Tucker at, The Department’s undergraduate advisor provides class information and degree program advice for students considering Theatre or Dance as a focus of study.

The Department of Theatre Arts advisor prepares degree plans and provides degree progression advice for students earning Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Theatre Arts, as well as for students pursuing Theatre and/or Dance minors. Theatre majors and minors must confer with their advisor before every registration period for course recommendations and specific course approval. Advising is also available for conversations about other academic issues a well.

In addition to meeting with the advisor, each Theatre major is required to meet with a faculty mentor before each registration period to discuss career plans, graduate or professional programs, or other non-degree specific issues.

Linette Tucker, BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

Academic Advisor II

Linette Tucker


Phone #: (817) 272-5722

Office: Fine Arts Building North 191C

General Advising Information

For general information email or call 817-272-2650. To make an appointment, please click the button below.

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