Upcoming Performance

Night of the Living Dead

OCTOBER 5-9, 2022

Mainstage – FA 174


by Lori Allen Ohm, based on George Romero and John Russo's original film.

Directed by Felicia Bertch, Fight Choreography by Joe Chapa

The unburied dead have suddenly started reanimating and are terrorizing the earth! A group of strangers trapped in an isolated farmhouse and held hostage by the ravenous, flesh-eating zombies, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. Horror ensues in a play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life.

Late Night Showing:

October 7th at 10:00PM is a special late night showing of Night of the Living Dead. Coming in costume for this showing is highly encouraged!

Content Disclosures:

This production contains flashing lights and strobe sequences that may be disruptive to photosensitive people. Contains zombie violence, including simulated gunshots, and adult language. Please see the Department with questions.

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Film and Theatre Students Gathering Together

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Sharing Talent & Information

Theatre Arts and Cinematic Arts students come together each semester to meet up and discuss collaborative projects. Cinematic Arts student directors present their film projects for the semester in the hopes that a Theatre Arts student might be the perfect cast for the roles they need filled. The Theatre Arts Acting for the Camera course and the Cinematic Arts Directing I course also have labs that coincide, so that co-teaching and collaboration can happen between student actors and directors throughout the semester. 

Photographed left, students gather in the Studio Theatre on the third Friday of the semester to collaborate and share projects & ideas.

Diversity Statement

We strive to create an environment of inclusivity and respect in our classrooms, rehearsal rooms, offices, and within our productions and communities. We actively recruit students from historically underrepresented groups, we support them in their educational journey, and we work to remain sensitive to the needs of our diverse student and faculty/staff population. We are committed to identity-conscious casting and honoring diverse voices in curriculum and the Maverick Theatre and Dance Company season. We advocate for the allocation of adequate resources to achieve these goals. 
UTA respectfully acknowledges the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes and Caddo Nation upon whose historical homelands this university is located. 
Our department has taken the following actions:

Updated casting policy 
Faculty/staff training in anti-racism, theatrical intimacy, and accessibility 
Curriculum review for inclusion and diverse voices in theatre and dance 
Conversion of dressing rooms into gender inclusive spaces 

Theatre Arts & Dance

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance” – Aristotle, The Audience Book of Theatre Quotations by Louis Phillips

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In addition to applying and being accepted to UTA, BFA concentrations require program auditions.

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Program Auditions

All Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFAs) programs in the Department of Theatre Arts require auditions. Bachelor of Arts (BAs), theatre minors, and dance minors do not require formal auditions. For more specific audition information, please visit the program audition page.

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Degree Information

The Department of Theatre Arts & Dance offers undergraduate degrees in theatre arts, and dance. The BFA program has a choice of concentration in Acting, Musical Theatre, or Design & Technology. The BA program is a more generalized Theatre Arts degree with coursework in multiple disciplines and areas of interest. Two minors are currently offered: Dance, and Theatre Arts.

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Dance artist Jesse Factor performs for Queers in Revolt in the Irons Recital Hall on Nov. 4 at the Fine Arts Building.

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COVID-19 Safety Information

Maverick Theatre Company and Maverick Dance Company are happy to return to in-person performances.

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View the departmental COVID-19 Safety information to learn about what Theatre Arts & Dance and University of Texas at Arlington are doing to keep everyone safer.