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Apply to UTA

To apply to The University of Texas at Arlington, please visit the University’s admissions website. Once you have applied to UTA, please see below for information on how to audition for the Department of Theatre Arts BFA programs. Theatre Arts BAs and Minors do not need to audition. They will be automatically accepted into the BA or Minor program upon acceptance to the University.

Prospective Student Auditions

BFA Auditions and Scholarship Auditions are held through Acceptd. Please visit our Acceptd page to create your profile and submit your audition.

BFA Acting Auditions

Auditions consist of two contrasting monologues from published plays (1 minute in length each). A 16-bar song is encouraged, but not required. UTA sends a faculty representative to the major recruiting conferences and events in the DFW area.

BFA Acting

BFA Musical Theatre Auditions

Auditions consist of portions from two (2) contrasting musical theatre pieces (16-32 bars in length) showing range, storytelling, and variety, as well as a one-minute contemporary monologue from a published play.

BFA Musical Theatre

BFA in Design & Technology Auditions

All BFA candidates must formally audition for admittance into the program. Auditions consist of the prospective student’s presentation of a current portfolio and resume to one or more of the design/tech faculty. Auditions are typically ten minutes long and are followed by a brief Q&A.

BFA in Design & Technology

Prospective Student Auditions

UTA is proud to partner with Acceptd to give prospective students the easiest and safest way to audition!

Visit Acceptd