Options for Auditions

Students who intend to declare a major or minor in the Department have two options for auditions, when applicable.

Auditions Overview

If you are interested in our program, it is important that you apply to the University of Texas at Arlington as soon as possible. UTA accepts applications through ApplyTexas and The Common Application. The priority date for applications to the University is February 14, 2022. 

Students interested in joining the department have two options for auditions, where applicable.

Submissions for all BFA programs opens September 1, 2022.

Deadlines for submissions are:

Musical Theatre - April 17th, 2023
Design and Tech - April 17th, 2023
Acting - May 31, 2023

Option One

1. Submit your materials through Acceptd or one of the virtual conferences.

2. For your callback interview, you can attend either a virtual callback interview, or an in-person appointment at one of our on-campus auditions.

Option Two

1. Sign up for one of our on-campus auditions for acting, musical theatre, or design & technology.

2. Attend an in-person, on-campus callback/interview the same day as your in-person, on-campus audition.