Faculty & Staff Directory

Dr. Brandi Andrade, PhD in Philosophy, MA in Humanities, BS in Drama

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Brandi Andrade

DJ Badon, MFA in Scenic Design, BS in General Studies, AAS in Industrial Technology

Technical Director

Production Manager

Facilities Manager & USITT Student Chapter Staff Advisor

DJ Badon

Email: djbadon@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2218

Office: Fine Arts Building North 137A

Laura Berrios, MFA Design and Theatre Technology, BFA in Drama

Assistant Adjunct Professor

Laura Berrios

Email: laura.berrios@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268A

Felicia Bertch, MFA in Acting, BA in English

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Area Head BFA Acting

Felicia Bertch

Email: bertch@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-3176

Office: Fine Arts Building North 150

Darius Booker, MFA in Acting, BA in Theatre Arts

Adjunct Assistant Professor

BA in Theatre Arts

Darius Booker

Joe Chapa, MFA in Acting Performance, BA in Radio and Television Production

Associate Professor

Joe Chapa

Email: jchapa@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2567

Office: Fine Arts Building North 152

Margaret Monostory Crowley, MFA in Costume Design, BFA in Theatre Production and Design

Assistant Professor in Practice

Margaret Crowley

Email: margaret.monostory@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2677

Office: Fine Arts Building North 147

Jay Duffer, MFA in Theatre Arts, BA in Music Education

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Managing Director, Amphibian Stage Productions

Jay Duffer

Ken Ellis, MFA in Theatrical Design & Production, BS in Psychology/Theatre Arts

Assistant Professor of Practice

Ken Ellis

Email: kenneth.ellis@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-0453

Office: Fine Arts Building North 419A

J. Austin Eyer, MFA in Directing, BFA in Theatre

Assistant Professor

Area Head BFA Musical Theatre

Austin Eyer

Email: austin.eyer@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2670

Office: Fine Arts Building North 422

Andrew Christopher Gaupp, AEA, MFA in Drama, Trinity University, BA in Theatre Arts, Texas Tech University


Associate Department Chair

Maverick Theatre Company Artistic Director

Andrew Gaupp

Email: gaupp@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-3141

Office: Fine Arts Building North 145

Dr. Natalie Gaupp, PhD in Humanities Aesthetic Studies, MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, BFA in Theatre Arts, AA in Drama

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Natalie Gaupp

Email: ngaupp@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-9503

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268

Seraphina Nova Glass, MFA in Playwriting, MFA in Directing

Assistant Professor of Instruction


Seraphina Nova Glass

Email: snova@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268A

Dr. Julienne A. Greer, PhD in Humanities Aesthetic Studies, MA in Media Arts

Assistant Department Chair

Emotional Robotics Living Lab Director & BA Area Head

Dr. Julienne Aleta Greer, AEA

Email: jgreer@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-0729

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268B

Additional Info:: Dr. Julienne A. Greer is an Assistant Professor of Theatre; Social Robotics and Performance. She earned a BFA in Drama from NYU, an MA in Media Arts from TCU, and her Ph.D. in Humanities at UTD. Dr. Greer is an interdisciplinary scholar + artist working at the emerging intersection of theatre and social robotics. Her primary focus is examining Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) to “humanize” social robots to the nuances of human behavior and develop better human-robot relational outcomes. Dr. Greer works with interdisciplinary teams including Social Work, Education, Computer Science, and Engineering. Current work includes; Shakespeare and Robots: robots acting Shakespeare with older adults for psychological well-being, Caretaker Respite: building trust and connection between humans and robots so caretaker burden can be lessened, and Assistive Technologies for Persons with Disabilities: a National Science Foundation external grant working with undergraduate students to examine how technology can augment the capabilities of people with disabilities.

Jocelyn Hansen, Doctorate Candidate in Musical Arts, MA in Music, BA in Music

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Jocelyn Hansen

Email: jocelyn.hansen@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-7393

Office: Fine Arts Building North 423

Jeremy Hays, Bachelor of Music/Music Theatre, Oklahoma City University

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Jeremy Hays

Dr. Anne Healy, PhD in Aesthetics, MFA in Musical Theatre/Acting, BFA

Interim Department Chair

Producer of Maverick Theatre Company & Maverick Dance Company

Anne Healy

Email: healy@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-5202

Office: Fine Arts Building North 191A

Additional Information: Dr. Anne Healy comes to the Dallas/Fort Worth area from New York City where she worked for many years as a professional actress and musical theatre performer. Anne holds a Ph.D. in Humanities- Aesthetic Studies – Musical Theatre/Theatre from The University of Texas at Dallas, an M.F.A. in Musical Theatre, and is an Associate Professor and the Musical Theatre Area Head in the Department of Theatre Arts at UTA. As a member of Actors Equity Association (AEA), Anne has worked both Off-Broadway and in regional theatres across the country, with local performances at Casa Manana and Amphibian Productions in Fort Worth. She is thrilled to have worked with such notable directors such as Johnathon Pape and Academy Award winner/Emmy winner/Tony Award nominee Rob Marshall. Anne is an associate member of the Stage Directors & Choreographers Union (SDC) and was recently in their 2017-2018 observership class. Regional directing credits include serving as the Assistant Director for A Raisin in the Sun at the Tony Award-winning Dallas Theater Center, as well as joining Tony Award-winning director and choreographer Kathleen Marshall at Goodspeed Musicals in Connecticut as her directing observer. At UTA, Anne has directed The Heidi Chronicles, Dead Man Walking, The Robber Bridegroom, Fiddler on the Roof, As It Is In Heaven, West Side Story, the regional premier of The Theory of Relativity, and the world premiere of Troupers: A Musical Vaudeville, to name a few. Anne’s research in the areas of vaudeville, musical theatre, and directing has led to multiple papers and panel discussions nationally and internationally regarding inter-disciplinary collaboration processes in the arts, as well as several creative works. Anne’s recent article on her experiences at Goodspeed Musicals was published by Johns Hopkins University Press in the November 2017 issue of Theatre Topics.

Mary Grace Held, BS Clinical Psychology, Franciscan University; M.Ed Higher Education Counseling , Wichita State University

Administrative Assistant II

Mary Grace Held

Email: marygrace.held@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-5785

Office: 144A

Megan Haratine, MFA in Acting, BA in Theatre

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Megan Haratine

Email: megan.haratine@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building Central 268A

Patty Hill, BA in Musical Theatre

Administrative Assistant

Patty Hill

Email: patricia.hill@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building North 144

Amanda Jackson, MFA in Dance, Texas Woman’s University

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Artistic Director of Maverick Dance Company

Dance Area Head

Amanda Jackson

Email: amandaj@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building North 180 & Swift Center 126A

Kim LaFontaine, MFA in Drama, BA in Theatre Arts


Chair Emeritus

Kim LaFontaine

Jared Land, MFA in Theatrical Design, BS in Theatre Arts

Assistant Professor of Practice

BFA Design & Tech Area Head

Jared Land

Email: cjland@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2654

Office: Fine Arts Building Center 267

Laurie Land, MFA in Theatrical Design, BS in Theatre Arts, AA in Liberal Arts, Certification in Professional Makeup Artistry

Assistant Professor of Practice

Laurie Land

Email: lland@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-3178

Office: Fine Arts Building North 147E

Dr. Dennis Maher, PhD in U.S. Theatre History (U.S. Film), MA in Theatre Arts, BA in Speech/Theatre/English (History of Education)

Associate Professor

Dennis Maher

Email: dmmaher@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-5708

Office: Fine Arts Building North 151

Miranda Marin, M.ED in Educational Administration, Tarleton State University

Academic Advisor II

Miranda Marin

Email: miranda.marin@uta.edu

Office: Fine Arts Building North, Room, 191B

Gregory Dean McBride

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts and Dance

Theatre Arts Teaching Lab (TATL) - Director

Gregory Dean McBride

Vicky Nooe, MM in Collaborative Piano, MM in Music Theory Pedagogy, BM in Piano Performance

Collaborative Pianist

Vicky Nooe

Email: vicky.nooe@uta.edu

Phone #: (972) 922-1412

Office: Fine Arts Building North 422

Kristine O’Brien, MFA in Visual Communication Design, BFA in Graphic Design, Minor in Theatre

Costume Studio Supervisor

Graphic Designer

Kristine Obrien

Email: kobrien@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-0927

Office: Fine Arts Building North 147B

Claudia Orcasitas, MFA in Dance, BEd, BS

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Claudia Orcasitas

Email: claudia.orcasitas@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Swift Center 126A

Scott Osborne, M.F.A. in Theatrical Design, SMU Meadows School of the Arts

Visiting Associate Professor

Scott Osborne

Joe Pauli, BFA in Tech/Design

Scenic Studio Supervisor

Joe Pauli

Email: joe.pauli@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-9502

Office: Fine Arts Building North 135A

Donald Shorter (pronouns He/She), MFA New York University (TSOA)

Assistant Professor

Donald Shorter

Email: donald.shorter@uta.edu

Office: Fine Arts Bldg. Central 268A

Whitney Coleman Talbot, MFA in Dance, BA in Dance

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Whitney Coleman

Email: whitney.coleman@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building North 180

Meredith Knight Treminio

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Associate Artistic DIrector Maverick Dance Company

Meredith Knight

Email: meredith.knight@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-2650

Office: Fine Arts Building North 180 & Swift Center 126A

Tiffany Tsay, MA in Piano Performance, BM in Piano Performance


Artist in Residence

Tiffany Tsay

Email: tiffany.tsay@uta.edu

Phone #: (817) 272-3383

Office: Fine Arts Building North 191B

Laurel Whitsett, MA in Linguistics (in progress), MA in Drama Text and Performance Studies, BA in Theatre Arts

Senior Lecturer

Flight 12 Improv Director

Laurel Whitsett

Danielle Willis, MFA in Dance, Texas Woman's University

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Danielle Willis