Erin Carlson, Ph.D.

Associate Clinical Professor & Director of Graduate
Public Health, Department of Kinesiology, College
of Nursing and Health Innovation

Service Learning Course(s):

• Health and The Human Condition in the Global
   Community (KINE 3353)
• Emergency Preparedness and Management
   (KINE 3354)
• Intro to Health and Epidemiology (3352)
• Community-Based Internship (KINE 5383)
• Public Health Capstone Experience (KINE 5384)

When you make an impact on a student that involves action and emotion, it can be in some ways course confirming or course changing which is the essence of education."

Prior to coming to UTA and joining the service learning Faculty Fellows, Dr. Carlson did not have any established relationships with community partners in Arlington. She believes that the best way to learn is with real people and that education, particularly in public health, should go beyond the classroom.
Joining the Faculty Fellows has given her the opportunity to go out into the community to foster these relationships. The community partners have also been invaluable to building the new graduate program in public health at UTA as they often need graduate students to work on community projects. Some of the community partners Dr. Carlson works with include Arlington Urban Ministries, AIN (Aids Interfaith Network), Taste Community Project (Ft Worth), Union Gospel Mission and Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Dr. Carlson advises faculty to join the service learning faculty fellows as the connections made are valuable when it comes to research, collaboration and developing service learning curriculums.

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