Kyrah Brown, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Kinesiology,
College of Nursing & Health Innovation

Service Learning Course(s):

• Public Health Advocacy and Leadership
  (KINE 4354)
• Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  (KINE 5371)

I believe it is important to apply course theory to the community in a way that is respectful and meaningful."

Dr. Brown joined the Service Learning Faculty Fellows in the spring semester of 2019. Her favorite part of being in the program has been learning from other departments and seeing the different ways Service Learning can be incorporated across multiple disciplines. One of her Service Learning projects has involved working with Arlington Urban Ministries in a consultative capacity. Her students create logic models, theory of change models, as well as research briefs as a tool for evaluation and pulling together evidence that support program activities. One of the programs at Arlington Urban Ministries provides rental assistance to families in the Arlington school districts who do not have homes or are not in stable housing. The program also provides financial management and case management classes to help families move into stable homes. Dr. Brown’s students, as part of their Service Learning with Arlington Urban Ministries, gathered research showing how the rental assistance programs were effective. This allowed Arlington Urban Ministries to present research models in their grant application.

Dr. Brown views Service Learning as a catalyst to prepare students for life after graduation as it not only provides hands-on experience beyond the classroom, but also gives students a competitive edge in the job market. Dr. Brown advises faculty interested in Service Learning to join the Faculty Fellows, where they can gain access to unlimited resources and constant support as they learn what it takes to make Service Learning in the classroom successful.

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