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How to Appeal 

Submitting an admission appeal does not guarantee admission to UTA. It will only allow for a secondary review of your credentials. Students may only appeal once per term. Appeal processing takes approximately 14-21 days from the day your appeal is received by the Admissions Review Committee. 

Any future undergraduate student who has been denied admission is eligible to appeal the decision with the exception of applicants to the UTA Dual Credit Academy, and students on suspension at another institution. 

Admissions Appeal Checklist

1. Maverick ID

You will need to know your 10 digit Maverick ID number in order to submit the admission appeal form.

2. Request now

Click the "Request Now" button below to access the admission appeal form.

3. Personal Statement

In the space provided, submit a personal statement on why you are appealing your admission decision. Explain your academic strengths, educational goals at UTA and any other extenuating circumstances you would like the committee to know.

4. Academic Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations are required to process an appeal. You must submit two academic letters of recommendation with your appeal. A third academic letter of recommendation is optional.

Additional Factors Used in the Appeal Process

  • the socioeconomic background of the applicant
  • whether the applicant would be the first generation of the applicant's family to attend or graduate from an institution of higher education
  • whether the applicant has bilingual proficiency
  • the applicant's responsibilities while attending school, including whether the applicant has been employed, whether the applicant has helped to raise children, or other similar factors
  • the applicant's region of residence
  • whether the applicant is a resident of a rural or urban area or a resident of a central city or suburban area in the state
  • the applicant's involvement in community activities
  • the applicant's extracurricular activities
  • the applicant's commitment to a particular field of study

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Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Form

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For more information

Please contact your admissions counselor for your region or email Undergraduate Admissions Appeals.

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