UTA Go-Centers

With a committed purpose for collegiate and academic readiness, UTA Go-Centers and Mentors set the standard in enhancing opportunities for high school students.

Unlimited Potential

"Helping promote the college and career culture in schools"

Since 2009, UTA has operated GO Centers in 8 North Texas districts and 20 schools. Current UTA students, mentor high school students with navigating the college admissions process and promoting a positive college-going culture in high schools.

UTA GO Center Services include:

  • SAT/ACT/TSI Registration
  • Assisting with financial aid applications, including FAFSA
  • Providing guidance on college applications
  • Selecting and applying for scholarships


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2021-2022 UTA Go Center Mentors

Where to find UTA GO Centers

We have high school locations and main offices in Fort Worth and Dallas. Stop on by!

Go-Center Mentors

UTA Go-Center Mentors are passionate Mavericks who assist college-bound high school students.

Exercise Science -

Meet Izaiah

"My role as a UTA Go Center Mentor has given me the opportunity to guide students to make their dreams a reality."

Public Health -

Meet Isanel

"I value being a UTA Go Center Mentor because as first-generation student. Mentoring has given me the opportunity to help students like me."

Nursing -

Meet Jasmin

"Being a Go Center Mentor allows me to help high school students achieve their goal of attaining a higher education."

Nursing -

Meet Melina

"I love being a UTA Go Center Mentor because I get to help high school students achieve their goals."

Psychology -

Meet Naomi

"Being a mentor allows me to learn from many unique backgrounds and cultures. I value being a positive and supportive influence in one's journey."

Music Education -

Meet Nicholas

"I'm a UTA Go Center Mentor because I love helping people find their true calling. College can be tricky, so it helps to have someone to guide you."