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Arlington war memorial


The work of students in history Assistant Professor James Sandy’s historical methods class played a pivotal role in the city of Arlington’s new memorial, which will honor all military service members from the city who sacrificed their lives in service to their country. For the class, the students compiled lists of the names of every service member from Arlington who died in a war, from World War I to more recent conflicts.

“The research work from UTA students has been invaluable,” says Clete McAllister, a member of the city’s Parks Board and the Veterans Park Foundation.

Students visited the Fielder House Museum in Arlington to view service members’ pictures, letters, documents, and other personal belongings. They also looked through records and documents pertaining to the wars and Arlington in the Special Collections at UTA Libraries.

“This research, combined with the students’ interest in military and cultural history, is a way for them to be engaged with the class and with the city of Arlington,” says Dr. Sandy.

“We must remember the people who served and risked their lives for our safety. Honoring them with a memorial of this kind is an excellent start,” says Bradley Miller, one of Sandy’s students.

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