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UTA professor launches new podcast

Wideline Seraphin and Ana Carolina Diaz Beltran


A pair of former K-12 teachers turned researchers have launched a unique podcast based on their longstanding narrative research project. The podcast, In Schools, Outta Pocket, was created by Wideline Seraphin, assistant professor in UTA’s College of Education, and Ana Carolina Díaz Beltrán, an assistant professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The aim, they said, is to share the K-12 schooling experiences of Black and brown families for educators, researchers, and individuals interested in equity.

“The podcast is an offshoot of a larger, community narrative project that we’ve been working on since 2014,” says Dr. Seraphin. “When I think about the professional development experiences that are available to teachers who are trying to do this work, it is often ‘one and done’ experiences. It’s not an ongoing discussion with their families and communities.”

Both she and Beltrán hope the podcast helps fill the gap.

“You can listen to educators who have experience. You have a new community of folks who are talking intently. We hope this to be a sustained, accessible space. It’s not bogged down by jargon. These stories are everyday stories,” she says. “As an educator, strengthening your ability to understand systems of oppression benefits all children.”

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