Geneva, Switzerland

Following Mavericks as They Travel the World

Rohit Raut

Top left: Lake Geneva. Top right: Rohit Raut.



Rohit Raut, junior, physics major


“As part of a research collaboration between UTA and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), I was chosen to participate in the DUNE experiment and work on the ProtoDUNE project with professors Jaehoon Yu and Andrew Brandt.”


“CERN is a renowned organization at the forefront of particle physics research and a physicist’s dream place to work. Working alongside prominent scientists and contributing to the exciting field of neutrino research was like a dream come true for me.”

Lessons he took back home:

“My time at CERN taught me the value of scientific collaboration and diversity. Interacting with scientists from all across the world broadened my horizons and demonstrated the immense value of shared knowledge. I also learned the value of perseverance and the dedication required to push the boundaries of scientific understanding.”


ProtoDUNE Detector
ProtoDUNE Detector

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