UTA In The News — Friday, March 20, 2020

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Social distancing works

The spread of coronavirus is still at a dangerously high level globally, according to data analyzed by Daniel Sledge, an associate professor of political science at The University of Texas at Arlington and a team from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis. The research showed practices such as social distancing, isolation and quarantine can have a major impact on the transmission of a virus like COVID-19, Mirage News and Medical Xpress reported.

COVID-19 & paid sick leave

The spread of coronavirus illustrates the need for paid sick leave, KERA reported. Erin Carlson, who directs the graduate public health program at The University of Texas at Arlington, explains, “If somebody has to go to work because they cannot afford to stay home if they feel ill… that means a person who is infected is now touching a hotel room, preparing the food, caring for sick children, caring for the elderly.”

COVID-19 & blood banks

Blood centers across the region are reporting canceled blood drives and have seen a 40-percent drop in supply, The Dallas Morning News reported. Erin Carlson, who directs UTA's graduate public health program, explains, “The process of giving blood is quite safe and does not put one at risk for COVID-19”.

U.S. Department of Transportation grants

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced $20.3 million in federal grants to help communities nationwide and make it easier for people to use transit. The city of Arlington will receive $1.7 million to integrate autonomous vehicles into its on-demand car-sharing service, which will include a wheelchair accessible vehicle and accommodate The University of Texas at Arlington students, the Fort Worth Business Press, Transportation Today, and Mass Transit Magazine reported.