UTA In The News — Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 Contact

Room and board refunds

Coronavirus could force North Texas colleges to refund over $120M in room and board, WFAA reported. “UTA is working on the details and processes to address pro-rated refunds for housing and dining charges to students moving from the residence halls”, said university spokesperson Jeff Carlton.

The census and college students

Even under normal circumstances, college students often don’t know they need to count themselves in the U.S. Census or don’t know where they should be counted. Giselle Fuentes, student at The University of Texas at Arlington, said “The outbreak has definitely made it 10 times more challenging because these students are being forced to go back home”. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, students should fill out the census based on where they expect to be living on April 1, Census Day, The Dallas Morning News reported.