UTA In The News — Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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No to herd immunity

Erin Carlson, UTA associate clinical professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, spoke to the Dallas Observer about the idea of herd immunity combating the coronavirus. Carlson was one of several public health experts warning that the pursuit of herd immunity is a terrible idea. Carlson said that by her conservative estimates, 4 million people in the North Texas region would need to become infected to achieve herd immunity. Of those, she said, hundreds of thousands would likely have permanent organ damage as a result or could die.

Election 2020

Thomas Marshall, UTA political science professor, told the Dallas Observer that the Texas Democratic Party’s efforts to reach 1 million unregistered voters may not result in more votes in their favor. Marshall said long lines and a perceived lack of excitement for Joe Biden as a presidential nominee may deter prospective voters.

UTA Nursing excellence

UT Arlington's College of Nursing and Health Innovation program is one of 17 nationwide to be named a 2020 Center of Excellence by the National League for Nursing (NLN). The NLN recognized the University as a Center of Excellence in the category of "promote the pedagogical expertise of faculty," News-Medical.Net reported. 

AI in civil engineering

Suyun Ham, UTA civil engineering assistant professor, is using artificial intelligence to better assess the structural health of bridges, Engineering & Technology Magazine reported. Ham plans to combine machine learning with traditional monitoring measurements, then test his models in Dallas and Fort Worth. The 18-month, $122,000 grant is part of UTA’s membership in the Transportation Consortium of South-Central States, a U.S. Department of Transportation Center administered by Louisiana State University.