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The University of Texas at ArlingtonThe University of Texas at Arlington

UTA PlanetariumUTA Planetarium

Discover the Universe

Public Shows and Events

Public Shows and Events

UTA Planetarium offers a variety of shows for the general public. Check the schedule.

Show tickets must be purchased at the UTA Planetarium Box Office. The Box Office is located adjacent to the dome and open before each show.

What's in a Show?

1. Texas Stargazing

To start off, our astronomers provide a tour of the Texas nighttime sky without all those pesky and distracting city lights. See the night sky the way our ancestors did in all its splendor. See the solar system, other point-of-interest objects, and trending astronomy topics.

2. Q & A

Next, you get to ask the questions and our astronomer will provide the answers. What's Mars made of? How hot is Venus, really?

3. Feature Program

Finally, the show will conclude with an immersive and fun full-dome feature movie. Surround sound with surround video. Enjoy!

What are Events?

Besides our regularly scheduled shows, we occasionally offer special events open to the public, such as our annual Astronomy Day, our St. Valentine's Day favorite Romancing the Stars, eclipse viewing, and many others occurring throughout the year. Stay tuned to see what's coming up.