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Do you want to inspire a classroom of young scientists? Are you involved in a scout troop, club, or organization looking for an adventure? Do you know some aspiring astronauts? Are you interested in motivating your staff or students to think way, way, way out of the box? If so, then UTA Planetarium can provide the perfect program to educate, entertain, and inspire your pack of kiddos!

If your group will exceed 150 people, please fill out two separate request forms.

What's in a field trip?

UTA Planetarium offers a variety of shows that follow TEKS standards.

Texas Stargazing

To start off, our astronomers provide a tour of the Texas nighttime sky without all those pesky and distracting city lights. See the night sky the way our ancestors did in all its splendor. See the solar system, other point-of-interest objects, and trending astronomy topics.

Q & A

Next, you get to ask the questions and our astronomer will provide the answers. What's Mars made of? How hot is Venus, really?

Feature Program

Finally, the show will conclude with an immersive and fun full-dome feature movie. Surround sound with surround video. Enjoy!

Want to do more on campus?

While self-guided tours and bringing a group to experience what life is like on campus can be enjoyable, take advantage of other engaging and memorable experiences on campus. These visits are scheduled independently.

Campus Tours

UTA’s Dan Dipert University Welcome Center provides group campus tours at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. on Saturdays. There is no charge for campus tours. Having a tour guide on campus can bring to life the rich history and vibrant campus life of the UTA campus.

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Science Ambassadors

Experience an exciting and interactive science show presented by the Science Ambassadors. Chemistry comes to life with live demonstrations involving dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and fire. To schedule please use their online request form.

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UTA Libraries

We are currently developing activities for K-12 students in order to engage young scholars through experiential learning and regularly participate in community events focused on STEAM and making. We are also happy to give a free tour of our facility for those who are looking to start or expand their makerspace. Contact

Visiting The Planetarium

Learn more about what to expect when visiting and where to park.

Information for Visitors

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One show:
Students/Chaperones - $6 each

Two shows:
Students/Chaperones - $10 each


Independent School District teachers and staff are free of charge.

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