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Courses and Registration

Student Registration FAQ

What is MyMav?

MyMav is UT Arlington's Student Information System. You'll use MyMav to register, pay your bills, accept your financial aid, check your grades, view your degree audit and a host of other functions.

do i need to be logged in to look at the schedule or catalog?

No, you can access the Schedule of Classes, registration timetable, tuition information and resources, and the university catalog on the landing page for MyMav.

How do i register?

To register, go to and login to MyMav with your NetID and password. Once logged in, click on Student Center. This will take you to your MyMav Student Center. Under the Academics tab, click Enroll.

when do i register?

The registration timetable is available through your MyMav landing page at During registration periods, your enrollment appointment date is also displayed in your student center under Enrollment Dates on the left.

What if I don't know my netid and password?

The Helpdesk in the Central Library can assist you with setting or resetting your NetID and password and setting up your MavMail (UT Arlington email account). 817-272-2208 or

How do i know if i need to see my advisor before i register?

In your MyMav Student Center, click the details link under the holds section on the right. If your academic department requires thatt you be advised, you will see an academic department service indicator (DEP).

if i need to be advised, how do i know who my advisor is?

Find out who your advisor is at

how do i know if i have any registration holds?

In your MyMav Student Center, click the details link under the holds section on the right and review your holds. The jump page will let you know the service impact, such as not being able to register or order a transcript. Some holds are for notification purposes only and do not have a negative service impact.

how do i find what i need in the schedule of classes?

You can access the Schedule of Classes either before you log in to MyMav or after.

Before: On the MyMav landing page, click on the Schedule of Classes link.

After: There are 2 options for looking up classes once you've logged in.

  • From your self-service menu, click on Class Search/Browse Catalog


  • In the Student Center, click the green Search for Classes icon on the right.

how often is the schedule of classes updated to show available seats, room changes, etc.?

The Schedule of Classes is updated in real time as changes are made.

what is the difference between the schedule of classes and the course catalog search?

The Schedule of Classes lists all sections offered for the course, with time, date and room information. If you want to see all available sections for a class, enter the subject and course number and click search. The default value is to open sections only, bu you may select to see all offerings by unclicking the checkmark Show Open Classes Only in the Class Search Criteria box. Once the search results have appears, click on the highlighted section number for the course description, prerequisites (enrollment requirements), class capacity, available seats and other information about the course.

Navigation to Schedule of Classes:

  • Once you are signed into MyMav, click on MyClasses (on left side menu). Choose Class Search.


  • Before you sign into MyMav, click on the Schedule of Classes link under the Taking Classes section.

The Course Catalog Search contains much of the same informaion that the Schedule of Classes does, except it does not allow you to see the listing of available sections. To see all courses by deparment, enter only the subject in the Course Catalog Search window, select the career and click on the Search button.

Navigation to Browse Course Catalog:

  • Once you are signed into MyMav, click on Enrollment Info (on left side menu). Choose Course Catalog Search.


  • If you are not logged into MyMav, you may click on the University Catalog under the Taking Classes section and select Course Descriptions.

What if i want to choose my classes by meeting time or instructor?

The Additional Search Criteria link allows you to select by meeting time, day of week, instructor, location, course title keyword and other options.

How do I find winter intersession or summer intersession classes?

You can select Winter or Summer Intersession classes by going to the Additional Search Criteria field and selecting Session, then selecting Winter Interession or Summer Intersession.

Winter Intersession is part of the Spring schedule and Summer Intersession is part of the Summer schedule.

How can i tell which courses are distance education classes?

In the Schedule of Classes, identify the class and click the Additional Search Criteria link. Scroll down to the Campus Button, select "Off Campus", then click the search key. The room displayed will read "Off Web".

i am an ao student. how can i tell which classes to register for?

All AO classes are scheduled under the Dynamic Dated Section. On the Schedule of Classes, click on Additional Search Criteria, then select the drop-down for Session. The first option will be Dynamic Dated Session.

Advising and registration varies by program within the AO program. For more information, contact your academic department.

if i have difficulty registering, who can help me?

Your academic advisor can help you with registration questions, as well as with course selection and progress toward degree.

The Helpdesk in the Central Library can assist you with setting and resetting your Net ID and password and seting up your MavMail (UT Arlington email account). 817/272-2208 or

once i've registered, how can i view my account balance?

Within about an hour of making changes to your registration, you will be able to see your charges in your Student Center.

If the class i want is full, can i put myself on a wait list?

If a wait list is available, an orange triangle icon will appear next to the section in the Class Schedule. Not all classes or departments offer wait lists, so if a class is full and no wait list is available re-visit MyMav regularly for possible openings or contact your academic advisor.

how do i determine if i meet a course prerequisite?

Students who do not successfully complete the prerequisite in the current term will be dropped from the next-level course when grades are final.

Prerequisite information is on the Class Detail page in MyMav. Navigation to the page is by clicking on the class section number hyperlink in the Class Search component.

i am not able to register and i receive a message...what do i need to do?

Message: Department Consent Required

This message indicates that you need permission from the department that is offering the class in addition to getting cleared by your academic advisor. For example, if you are majoring in CSE and trying to register for a Spanish class, you will need to see the Modern Languages department to get permission specifically to register for the Spanish class.

Message: You do not have access to enrollment at this time. Please see your academic advisor.

Check the registration timetable ( and make sure that your enrollment period has started. If it has, contact Admissions, Records and Registration at 817-272-2011. If it is beyond the late registration period, you will need to contact your academic advisor.

For further registration problems/errors/questions, contact the Helpdesk at 817-272-2208 or

i can't view my class schedule

The MyMav My Class Schedule link only works during open enrollment period. Once open enrollment ends, that link will give a message that says "You do not have access to enrollment at this time". If you wish to view your current semester schedule, you shoulc click on the Weekly Schedule link instead.

i changed my name. how do i go about updating my name in mymav?

If you have officially changed your name, visit our webpage on Name Changes to find out what you need to do. Once your name is updated in MyMav, contact the Helpdesk to get your name changed in other systems such as self-service, e-mail, etc. at 817-272-2208 or

why do i have to take a math aptitude test?

The Math Aptitude Test helps us determine which math courses a student is ready to enter at UT Arlington. For instance, while students may have taken Calculus in high school, that may not necessarily mean that he/she is ready for Calculus at UT Arlington. You need to contact the Math department at 817-272-3261, and they will give you the information you need.

why do i need to contact the international office about insurance? i am not classified as an international student.

Please contact our office at 817-272-2011 concerning your residency status.

the system is telling me i need to take the tsi test for the texas success initiative (tsi) but i have already taken the thea, accuplacer, compass or asset test. what do i do?

You need to contact one of the TSI advisors at the University Advising Center at 817-272-3140.

how do i change my major?

Meet with an academic advisor from the department you are interested in joining to see if you meet the program requirements. Please note that all students with 30 or fewer hours are advised at the University College. Students who are unsure of their major should contact a Majors Exploration Advisor in University College. For assistance, contact 817-272-3140.