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Business assist

A federal grant received by UTA's TMAC is aimed at helping defense industry contractors steer away from that shrinking defense industry dollar and retrofit their businesses to more productive, sustainable and profitable uses.

Guaranteed service

UTA computer science engineer receives National Science Foundation grant to mesh data center service level objectives with actual resources needed by computer consumers.

New hope for arthritis

UTA enzyme research that opens doors to developing new inhibitors for arthritis was published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Biology Chair Clay Clark led the project.

Toward Tier 1

UTA continues to move steadily toward Tier 1 status, graduating more than 200 doctorates for the third year in a row and generating research expenditures in excess of $85 million, up nearly nine percent from the year before.

University Students at the Maverick Activities Center
Danny Mekonnen


Musical Roots

Danny Mekonnen and his Debo Band explore their Ethiopian heritage through music.