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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - MASTER'S (MED)

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The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in educational leadership and policy studies (ELPS) prepares educational leaders and administrators. Students build upon their existing expertise with skills that can increase organizational effectiveness. Options of the M.Ed. in ELPS provide programs that feature higher education administration or administration in schools, kindergarten-grade 12.


  • The M.Ed. in educational leadership and policy studies degree is 30 credit hours and non-thesis.
  • Programs of study emphasize higher education administration or principal certification.
  • Curriculum, program delivery, and admission requirements are specific to each of the two program emphases.
  • The Higher Education Administration Emphasis includes an option for 1) a dual degree, Master of Social Work and Master of Education in ELPS or 2) Master of Education in ELPS.
  • The principal certification option is an online program.



Higher education administration graduates find employment in many areas of higher education, including but not limited to:

  • Student affairs
  • Housing
  • Financial aid
  • Institutional research and technology

Principal Certification graduates pursue leadership/administration positions in Pre-K-Grade 12 schools, including:

  • Assistant principal
  • Principal
  • Central administration


Higher Education Administration Emphasis

  • This degree option is for individuals who would like to pursue a career in higher education or who work in colleges and universities and wish to enhance their knowledge of the higher education system.
  • This is an in-person program that includes hybrid instruction modalities. Because most students are working professionals, courses are offered in the evening.

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B.A. - Ph.D. Track in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

  • Students accepted in the M.Ed. with Higher Education Administration Emphasis can elect, with program approval, to pursue the integrated BA-Ph.D. track.
  • This track allows students to start doctoral work earlier and transfer into the Ph.D. program upon completion of 30 credit hours in the M.Ed. program.

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Dual degree MSW/M.Ed. Master of Social Work / Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies with Higher Education Administration Emphasis

Students seeking their Master’s in Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Higher Education Administration Emphasis may wish to seek a dual degree to also obtain a Master of Social Work that offers two specialties: 1) a specialty in mental health and substance misuse supports those working in higher education to meet the needs of students challenged by mental health and substance misuse and 2) a specialty in community and administrative practice supports higher education professionals' optimal partnering with neighboring communities.

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Principal Certification

  • This online degree option is for students who want to work in administration in a grades K-12 environment.
  • Along with earning a master’s degree, students in this program are prepared for principal certification in Texas.
  • If you are an out-of-state individual seeking certification in another state, you must consult with that state’s education authorities to achieve certification.

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  • Fully accredited programs at state, regional, and national levels
  • Programs designed to accommodate working professionals
  • 30-hour degree plans
  • Experienced, high-quality professors


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M.Ed. Higher Education Emphasis

Dr. Maria Trache



M.Ed. Principal Certification

Dr. Amy Anderson



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Educational Leadership and Policy Studies - MASTER'S (MED)

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