UTA Students Cover Bowl Game

Wednesday, Feb 13, 2019

ARLINGTON, Texas - Broadcast Communication Specialist, Lance Liguez discussed the UTA Radio’s cover of the Notre Dame v. Clemson football game at AT&T Stadium last December.

The students covered the game were Eduardo Cardenas and Creighton Branch both double majors of journalism and broadcasting and both expected to graduate in fall 2019.

“The goal is to provide students with more experience,” Liguez said of covering games.

With UTA Radio Sports, students get a chance to cover any college football game that is hosted by AT&T Stadium.

“UTA students watch the game, and after the game the students go down to get some sound of the press conference of the coaches and one student puts a recap and puts that on our website,” Liguez said.

“Clemson beat Notre Dame 30-3,” according to UTA Radio Sports Twitter.

Liguez has been the adviser for UTA Radio since 2009 and worked for WBAP-AM as a reporter from Sept. 1996 to Aug. 2009.

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