Fall applications accepted until August 16

Spring applications accepted until January 8

On-Campus Program (Arlington)

The CRCJ on-campus graduate program, offered exclusively at UT Arlington, is a comprehensive examination of the criminal justice system with a foundation in research and statistics. The program is designed for pre-professional students, criminal justice professionals, and students who wish to pursue further relevant post-graduate studies. The 36-hour program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. With the approval of the Graduate Programs Director Advisor, students may use their elective hours to concentrate on a particular field of study.

Cohort Masters Program (Online)

The CRCJ Cohort Masters Program offers professionals who are already working in the field of criminal justice the potential to further their careers with an advanced degree. The program is a 36 hour, non-thesis degree plan offered in an accelerated format exclusively online. The cohort design provides students with the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with fellow professionals in the industry.

Welcome from the director!


Welcome to the next level of your education! Speaking for faculty and staff, we are excited to have you as part of the UTA CRCJ graduate community. We look forward to assisting and supporting you as you continue to achieve your educational and professional goals and to strengthen your leadership skills. 

Your graduate faculty have expertise in a broad range of criminal justice areas. As educational and professional mentors, we are ready and able to guide your critical assessment of current issues in criminology and criminal justice with a wealth of academic and practical experience. 

You have chosen a path not often traveled. There are no promises that this will be easy. You will be challenged. If you embrace the challenge, you will be rewarded, not only with a Master of Arts degree, but with a network – faculty, staff, fellow students, alums, and those that come after you – that will support you throughout your professional career. Make the most of this opportunity. 


Seokjin Jeong, Ph.D.
Cohort MA Director

Sarah El Sayed, Ph.D.
Traditional MA Director

Dr. Jaya Davis

Department Chair and Professor

Davis headshot

Research Areas: Juvenile Justice, Corrections, Reentry, Women and crime

Dr. Sarah El Sayed

Associate Professor and Traditional MA Director

Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sarah El Sayed

Research Areas: Developmental and Life-course Criminology, Gendered pathways to crime, Quantitative research methods