Faculty Research

Our faculty employ many approaches to knowledge—data collection, statistical analysis, experiments, surveys, field research, interviews, historical analysis, and other approaches to evidence—to understand American and international politics.


Christopher Chambers-Ju, The Political Mobilization of Teachers in Latin America Cambridge University Press 2023

Brent Sasley, Politics in Israel: Governing a Complex Society Oxford University Press 2017 (with Harold Waller)


Selected Articles

Brent Boyea, “Individual Contributions to State Supreme Court Campaigns: Context and the Impact of Institutional Design” State Politics & Policy Quarterly 2017

Brent Boyea, “State Public Opinion, the Death Penalty and the Practice of Electing Judges” American Journal of Political Science 2008 (with Paul Brace)

Brent Sasley, “A Nation That Dwells Alone? Israel in the Discipline of International Relations” Israel Studies 2020

Brent Sasley, “Blogging Identities on Israel/Palestine: Public Intellectuals and Their Audiences” PS: Political Science and Politics 2014 (with Mira Sucharov)

Bai-Linh Hoang, “Does Race Affect Public Evaluations of Constituent Messages in Local Government Meetings? Results From an Experiment” Political Studies Review 2023

Bai-Linh Hoang, “Race and Legislative Responsiveness in City Council Meetings” Urban Affairs Review 2019

Christopher Chambers-Ju, “Adjustment Policies, Union Struggles, and Strategies of Mobilization: Teacher Politics in Mexico and Argentina” Comparative Politics 2021

Christopher Chambers-Ju, “Data Collection, Opportunity Costs, and Problem Solving: Lessons From Field Research on Teachers’ Unions in Latin America” PS: Political Science & Politics 2014

Gabriela Okundaye, “Premigratory Political Experiences with Autocracy and Violence and Immigrant’s Willingness to Vote” Social Science Quarterly 2022 (with A. Silva and J. Ishiyama)

Gabriela Okundaye, “Is the Expansion of Women’s Access to Political Leadership Rewarded? Evidence from the Allocation of U.S. Aid” Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 2021 (with M. Breuning)

Kayla Canelo, “Citations to Interest Groups and Acceptance of Supreme Court Decisions” Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 2022

Kayla Canelo, “The Supreme Court, Ideology, and the Decisions to Cite or Borrow From Amicus Briefs” American Politics Research 2022

Mark Hand, “The Research Gap in Social Entrepreneurship” Stanford Social Innovation Review 2016

Mark Hand, “The Role of Policy Narrators During Crisis: A Micro-Level Analysis of the Sourcing, Synthesizing, and Sharing of Policy Narratives in Rural Texas” Policy Studies Journal 2023

Rebecca Deen, “Bake Sales for a Better America: The Role of School Volunteers in Civic Life,” International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 2012

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Xavier Medina-Vidal, “Partisan Attachment and Democracy in Mexico: Some Cautionary Observations” Latin American Politics and Society 2010 (with A. Agues, S. Bowler, and J. Hiskey)

Xavier Medina-Vidal, “Fiscal Policy and Economic Inequality in the U.S. States: Taxing and Spending from 1976 to 2006” Political Research Quarterly 2015 (with TJ Hayes)