Ahmed Alanazi

Ahmed Alanazi received his bachelor’s in sociology and social work with honors from Saudi Arabia, and his master’s program in the school of social work at UTA with a focus on mental health and substance abuse. Ahmed has done several researches, such as an integrated intervention utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy for a client with social phobia disorder, the correlation between suicide and bipolar disorder II as well as evaluating a program at Jubilee Park Center in Dallas. Throughout his master, Ahmed completed his block internship in the center of addiction and recovery studies at UT Southwestern hospital in Dallas where he enriched his experience by conducting counseling sessions, group classes, safety / treatment plans and intakes. However, Ahmed is a member of National Association of Social Workers following Texas chapter and is currently a Ph.D. cohort Student at UTA. Ahmed’s research interests oriented around suicide prevention, drug addiction, trauma-informed care, mental illness, and empowerment for marginalized population.