University Analytics

University Analytics is UTA’s campus-based data science office, with specialists in higher education data, analytics, and machine learning. UA analysts work with a wide variety of university and external data and model these datasets for a range of reporting, predictive analysis, grant, research, and consortial projects.

In accordance with data governance best practices, UA maintains a data warehouse modeled to the data definitions standards required by UTA, the State of Texas, Federal compliance, and SACS accreditation, as well as various college-level accrediting requirements. UA analysts are campus experts in these governed data sources and uses, also overseeing reporting on UTA both internally and externally.

Photo of Pete Smith

Dr. Pete Smith, Chief Analytics Officer, University Analytics

Dr. Pete Smith is Chief Analytics and Data Officer at the University of Texas Arlington, where he founded and oversees the office of University Analytics. He is a Professor of Modern Languages, and he previously served for 18 years as Assistant and later Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, as well as Vice Provost for Digital Teaching and Learning. Additionally, he has served as the AP Endowed Chair in Online Learning and Innovation.