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Contact Accounting

219 West Main Street (Map)
Box 19136 Arlington TX 76019-0136

P: (817) 272-7227
F: (817) 272-5749

Accounting Employees

Andrea Wright

Executive Director

P: (817) 272-7074

Robyn Keller-Baugh


Responsibilities: Account Management, Inter-fund Transfers, Restricted Transfers (30 accounts)

P: (817) 272-5764

Cindy Gandy

Assistant Director

Responsibilities: Cash Receipting Approvals, Interdepartmental (IDT) Approvals, Sales Tax, Credit Cards

P: (817) 272-1541

Janis Minyard

Assistant Director

Responsibilities: Loan Reconciliations

P: (817) 272-0249

Denise Shaw

Student Accounting Manager

Responsibilities: Student Accounting Manager

P: (817) 272-7133


Administrative Manager

P: (817) 272-3121

Kelly Rendon

Accounting Tech

Responsibilities: Direct Deposits, Daily Check Runs

P: (817) 272-1062

Beverly Guadagnolo

Financial Analyst

Responsibilities: Statement of Account Reconciliation Review, Accounting Corrections

P: (817) 272-0865

Tere Sand

Accountant III

Responsibilities: Cash Management, Endowments

P: (817) 272-7297

Jo Ann Jackson

Accountant III

Responsibilities: Plant (36's) Fund Accountant, Bank Reconciliations

P: (817) 272-5368


Accountant III

Responsibilities: Not Available

P: (817) 272-5425

Felicia Richardson

Accountant II

Responsibilities: Student Accounting, Stop Payments

P: (817) 272-9492