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Grievance Policy

The Office of Student Conduct within the Division of Student Affairs is committed to the highest quality of customer service in all services, events, activities, and learning opportunities sponsored by our area. We welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement.

All non-academic complaints will be handled in a professional and timely manner to ensure the best course of action for all parties involved.

In attempting to resolve any grievance/complaint, it is the obligation of the individual first to make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the individual with whom the complaint/grievance originated. The following steps are used to ensure efficiency in this process.

  • It is encouraged that, if the problem is with an individual, both parties address the issue in an attempt to settle the situation and develop a working solution.
  • If the grievance is not settled the student must complete the grievance form and return to the Dean of Students at

Additional information can be found with the Dean of Students.