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Criteria and Procedure for Service Learning Courses

Service learning courses include:

  1. A community-identified need which heightens student civic awareness is addressed
  2. Service experience is aligned with one or more course outcomes
  3. A clear connection of service and academic content for students within the course
  4. Structured, planned academic analysis and reflection of experiences
  5. Community partnership which is appropriate for course activities


Procedure for Course Designation

Service learning courses must be approved by the Center for Service Learning (CSL) to be designated on the CSL website.

      For Course Approval

  1. Faculty must submit the online Faculty Service Learning Course Designation application form with the course syllabus.
  2. The Center will follow up with the faculty member after reviewing the materials submitted, and a meeting will be scheduled.
  3. After approval, the course will be designated as a service learning course on the CSL website.