Office of Cultural Engagement and Social Change hosts Social Change Conference

Social Change Conference focuses on challenges, solutions and action

Thursday, Mar 30, 2023 • Cristal Gonzalez : Contact

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The Office of Cultural Engagement and Social Change will host its annual Social Change Conference on Friday, March 31. This year’s theme is “Understanding Challenges, Identifying Solutions and Taking Action.”

“We want people to come to the conference to understand challenges and social issues by learning and seeking other perspectives,” said Ace Willis, assistant director for cultural engagement and change. “From there, we want participants to learn how to identify solutions and then take action to create the social change they’d like to see within the community.”

This year’s keynote speaker will be Raquel Willis, an award-winning writer and Black transgender activist. Willis is a thought-leader on gender, race, intersectionality and organizing marginalized communities for social change.

The majority of speakers and presenters during the Social Change Conference will be faculty, staff and students from UTA. Additional speakers are coming from surrounding DFW institutions, including the University of North Texas, Texas Christian University and Tarrant County College. Community members will also be speaking and presenting.

“Our goal was to make an impactful conference that speaks on multiple social issues and social topics,” Willis said. “We want to empower the community to be change agents. Our conference will empower people to learn and understand different perspectives so they can then create the change within our community.”