UTA In The News — Wednesday, February 7, 2024

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Maternal Health

The Fort Worth Report spoke with a group of UTA students and faculty who have launched a new project aimed at addressing the high rates of maternal complications and deaths among Black women in North Texas. KERA reshared this story.


Mark Hand, assistant professor of political science, spoke with the Dallas Observer about the implications of a Texas secession and explained what would need to happen for Texas to become its own country.

Planetarium Panel

The Dallas Morning News and UTA will be hosting a panel discussion about the upcoming total solar eclipse, Scienmag reports.

Corporate Savings

Chandrani Chatterjee, assistant professor of accounting, wrote in the Harvard Business Review about her research on why corporations are holding cash, arguing that it’s to address the changing business environment and evolving business models.

Data-Driven Culture

Pete Smith, chief analytics and data officer, spoke at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Breakthrough Thinking conference about bringing data-driven decision making, high-end analytics and predictive modeling through machine learning to campus.