The Maverick Way

Our choices define us. You chose to be a Maverick. But what does that mean?

This is the Maverick Way

As a Maverick, you wake up every day and choose to be the best. Because college isn’t just a place where you earn a degree. It’s a place that challenges you to set your goals high and then surpass them, just because you can. And you rise to that challenge every time. Whether you’re acing a test, cheering on the Mavs, or spiking a volleyball ankle-deep in mud, you choose excellence in all things. You work smart, play hard, and live well. Because there’s one clear path to success, and you’re headed squarely in that direction. Keep going that way. The Maverick Way.

The maverick way blue and orange logo

How Do You Show It?

Is your Instagram account full of pictures taken around the UT Arlington campus? Check off one for school spirit! Did you organize a study group for a tough class? Check one off for academic integrity! Did you tell your cousin in high school about what a great school UT Arlington is? That’s The Maverick Way, too. How do you follow The Maverick Way? Tell us here.

We Carve Our Own Paths

The beauty of The Maverick Way is that it isn’t a single path that we all follow in the same manner. It’s a path that changes depending on who travels it. If you follow any of the suggestions above, great! But there are many other ways to follow The Maverick Way.