Empowering Change at ARNOVA 2023 Conference

Monday, Nov 20, 2023


In the heart of Orlando, Public Affairs and Planning faculty and students took center stage at this year's ARNOVA conference, a dynamic gathering of scholars, educators, and practice leaders committed to advancing nonprofit and philanthropic research to improve civil society and human life. The conference is a hub for discussing pressing issues and engaging in collaborative conversations in the voluntary sector.

This year, four esteemed faculty members and six dedicated students from our department participated in the conference, presenting groundbreaking research that addresses urgent and crucial issues. The focus was on reimagining Nonprofit organizations to be more accountable, financially efficient, integrated, and ethical, marking a significant step toward shaping a more effective and impactful nonprofit sector.

Some highlighted presentations from our attendees are:
• Reimagining Current and Future Resident Engagement Through the Arts by Dr. Emily Nwakpuda, Dr. Karabi Bezboruah, and Nazanin Ghaffari
• Rethinking Ethics in Fundraising Communication: Learning from the Literature by Dr. Jiwon Suh
• Steering the Conversation: An Analysis of Media Narratives Surrounding DEI Administrator Appointments at Universities by Trevor Meagher and Jala Morrow
• Reimagining Urban Governance: Community Foundations and Non-Reformist Reforms in Community and Economic Development by Josh Newton
• Aid Avengers Assemble: NGOs, the United Nations, and the Humanitarian Response in Refugee Crisis by Jessica Suma and Dr. Karabi Bezboruah
• Reimagining Public Service Delivery: Benefits of Involving Non-Profit Organizations in Public Parks Management in Texas by Marylin D. Rozario and Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez

CAPPA Faculty members' achievements were also recognized at ARNOVA 2023. Dr. Jiwon Suh was elected as an at-large board member of TIBS (Theories, Issues, Boundaries Section), a testament to her expertise and dedication to the field. Being a section board member, Dr. Suh is expected to contribute to shaping the future of nonprofit research. Additionally, Dr. Emily Nwakpuda and her team were awarded the Best Poster Award for their presentation on "What are communities doing to address racial disparities in homelessness?" These accolades highlight the quality of our research and its potential to have a real-world impact on addressing critical social issues.

Reflecting on our impactful presence at the ARNOVA conference, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our representatives for their passion for advancing nonprofit research. We look forward to building on this momentum and continuing to play a vital role in shaping the future of nonprofit and philanthropic research. 

- Written by Trung (Victor) Vu, Marketing Coordinator