Major Change Procedure

Current UT Arlington students who are interested in changing into either of those majors should:

1. Complete the CAPPA Major Change Module in Canvas (self-enroll via Canvas).

    • Complete all 10 Sections in the CAPPA Major Change Module, including, 

       → The Design-thinking prompt (in the CAPPA Major Change Module) showing your passion for a design-based major.


NEXT STEPS: students must wait until the CAPPA major change window to verify that the major change requirements are met. 

To ensure that your submission is reviewed as quickly as possible, please refrain from reaching out to the department outside of the CAPPA major change window. Any contact with the department outside of the CAPPA major change window could result in a delay in submission reviews. Please be patient as our advising team works on reviewing submissions.

Requirements that must be met (during CAPPA major change window):

2. Completion of 12 hours at UTA

3. Minimum 2.8 GPA at UTA

4. Minimum 2.8 GPA in any CAPPA classes taken, if applicable (ARCH, INTD, UDES, ESST, LARC, PAPP, PLAN)

5. Completion of the Major Exploration Focus 2 Assessment

Prospective students, who are still interested in major change and have fulfilled requirements 1-5 after their current semester grades have been posted, would submit the CAPPA Major Change Interest Form (available only during CAPPA major change window. If all steps are not fully met, the request will be automatically denied.

The department of interest will then make a final decision. Acceptance into the program of interest is not guaranteed.

To ensure that your request is evaluated as quickly as possible, please refrain from reaching out to the department via e-mail, phone, or in-person visits during the time period that we are reviewing your submission.

Permission for major required courses will not be given to non-majors before our current majors have been seated.


Note: Due to our course sequencing (Cohort) the undergraduate program takes a minimum of 8 semesters (4 years) to complete for all students