Dallas County Invests in Employee Well-being with Dr. Lebovits' Childcare Feasibility Study

Wednesday, Jan 24, 2024

Dr. Hannah Lebovits' recent achievement in securing a grant of $47,883.46 from Dallas County to conduct a feasibility study for a childcare assistance program is a remarkable accomplishment. As one of the region's largest employers, Dallas County is committed to providing competitive employee benefits, adopting HR policies that support high retention rates, and investing in the community. Dr. Lebovits' feasibility study will identify the childcare assistance needs of current and future County employees, determine the demand for childcare services, analyze potential childcare support formats, and evaluate the financial and regulatory implications.

As a mother of three and a professor of public affairs, Professor Hannah recognizes the importance of employers supporting families. She firmly believes "public sector employees should have access to as many employee benefits as possible as they work tirelessly to serve the public." When she learned that Dallas County was considering funding a research study on childcare support, she saw an opportunity to contribute to a study that could positively impact the lives of public sector employees and their families. As a result, she initiated a grant proposal and eagerly got involved in the project.

Dallas County's mission is "to provide quality service, public safety, and positive behavior change through effective techniques for the betterment of the community." The project study aligns with this mission as childcare support programs directly benefit employees, improve workplace performance, and signal to employees that their workplace values their caregiving responsibilities. Furthermore, a childcare assistance program can help access better educational opportunities, offset childcare costs, and provide additional monetary benefits that support employee retention.

The grant approval highlights Dr. Lebovits' dedication to promoting a positive workplace culture and robust human resource policies. The study will benefit Dallas County employees, their families, and the community by paving the way for future employee-oriented childcare support programs.

Written by Trung (Victor) Vu, Marketing Coordinator