Our Mission

The primary mission of the Maverick Battalion is to prepare enrolled cadets to become officers and lead soldiers in any of the three components of the United States Army. Upon successful completion of the program, cadets are commissioned as Second Lieutenants to serve in the Active Duty, Reserve, or National Guard components.

To accomplish this, cadets study a wide array of subjects such as self-development, dismounted infantry tactics, leadership techniques, planning concepts, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking.

Our Staff

LTC Gregory LeClair

Lieutenant Colonel

Professor of Military Science

LTC Gregory LeClair

Email: gregory.leclair@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B01

Mrs. Tamia Pierce

Administrative Assistant

Tamia Pierce

Email: tamia.pierce@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3281

Office: College Hall B01

CPT Lance Shannon


Assistant Professor of Military Science

Interim Recruiting and Admissions Officer

CPT Lance Shannon

Email: lance.shannon@uta.edu

Phone #: 817-272-3256

Office: College Hall 109

CPT Darryl Aiken

Military Science I Instructor

CPT Darryl Aiken

Email: darryl.aiken@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B10

Mr. Jeremy Bland


Military Science Level 2 Instructor

Jeremy Bland

Email: jeremy.bland@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B10

CPT Hunter Callahan

Military Police

Military History Instructor

CPT Hunter Callahan

Email: hunter.callahan@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B03C

SFC Jonathan Jackson

Army National Guard Liaison

SMP Enrollment NCO

SSG Jonathan Jackson

Email: Jonathan.jackson@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B03A

Mr. Roger Jones

Human Resources Administrator

Cadet Actions, Personnel Management

Roger Jones

Email: jonesrd@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B03B

MSG James Ross


Military Science Level 3 Instructor

SFC James Ross

Email: james.ross2@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B03C

MSG Matthew Russell

Senior Military Instructor

MSG Matthew Russell

Email: matthew.russell@uta.edu

Office: College Hall B01


Since the inception of military training at this institution in 1902, when it was the Carlisle Military Academy, hundreds of outstanding young men and women have been prepared for service as officers in the Armed Forces. The proud legacy of the Maverick Battalion has been enriched by each generation as they continue to train and serve the country. The tradition of the UTA Army ROTC cadets is to live up to the magnificent example set by the previous generations while blazing their own path.

While military training has been an integral part of the campuses since 1902, Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) would officially arrive on the campus of Arlington State College in 1956. Arlington State College would leave the Texas A&M system over funding disputes in 1965 and joined the University of Texas system. In 1967, the campus would change its name one final time and four years later adopt the Maverick as its mascot. The Maverick has been a fitting name for the ROTC battalion as it symbolizes the fighting and independent nature of our cadets.

Throughout the history of the military training, Arlington has been the central hub during its growth and remains to be the headquarters of the Corps of Cadets.