Carlisle Cannons

History of the Carlisle Cannons

If another university tries to invade the campus, fear not: We have major firepower! UT Arlington owns three Korean War-era 75mm pack howitzer cannons. The artillery tradition began when UT Arlington was known as North Texas Agricultural College and ROTC participation was mandatory. NTAC had one cannon, the euphonious Little Bertha, which was fired mostly at football games, but it disappeared during the Arlington State College years and wasn’t replaced. In 1983 the Corps of Cadets brought back the bang, acquiring six cannons: Little Bertha IV, Molly Pitcher, Gabriel, Damien, Munden’s Muzzle, and Roaring Rebel III. Collectively known as the Carlisle Cannons, they fired shots at 24 University events annually and helped set the clocks on campus after daylight savings time. In 2001 the University disbanded the cannons due to budget concerns, donating five of the six to other institutions. Bertha stayed. By 2009 the Military Science Department had reacquired two of the weapons. Today an ROTC student organization maintains the three cannons, which are fired on special occasions.

Performance Request

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