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Professional Learning Communities

For the last three years faculty and staff from all across campus have joined together in groups within a Professional Learning Community (PLC) to learn from each other, research together, and develop new and creative ways to enhance and assess collaboration in their classrooms.

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Early Career Faculty Development Series

This program addresses: Teaching and Learning, Research Plan, Service Commitments, and Faculty Sense of Belonging to ensure new faculty are set-up on a pathway for career success and professional advancement.

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Graduate Student Program

The Graduate Student Program is designed to provide UTA graduate students the opportunities to enhance their teaching performance while at UTA, train to be reflective educators, and be better prepared for their career.

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Center for Service Learning

The Center for Service Learning integrates academic coursework with service to the community. Students engage in classroom activities and discussions and perform local projects related to their academic coursework, and reflect upon those experiences.

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Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE)

The Maverick Advantage Faculty Engagement (MAFE) Program engages, educates, prepares, and supports faculty on understanding what the Maverick Advantage is. It encourages faculty to integrate one or more of the Maverick Advantage activities into their academic courses.

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ACUE Certification

In this certification course, educators learn about and implement evidence-based teaching approaches that improve student achievement. Working through 25 modules across five comprehensive units of study, educators collaborate with peers, receive expert facilitation, and develop effective teaching practices.